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ULTRA Employees

Cleaning is a labor-intensive industry, and most of the labor is generally semi-skilled or unskilled. All of our employees go through a 5-year background check and 5 days of training prior to joining our team. We have a strict random drug testing policy and safety compliance programs per OSHA requirements. We carry liability insurance in excess of 2 million dollars and all employees are fully bonded.

To deliver quality service you must have the right people, doing the right things, using the right equipment on a consistent basis. We use a team approach based on total quality. Which means… Have the right questions been asked? Has the right information been gathered? Has the right training been done? How can we do it better?

All employees receive task training through our audio-visual program, "hands-on" instructions in the operations, care and use of tools and equipment and on the job training with our supervisory staff. Our employees learn our cleaning methods and learn how to work as part of an efficient team.

The audiovisual program includes step by step instructions of individual tasks, such as sweeping, mopping, buffing, waxing of floors and the cleaning of restroom carpets and walls. We constantly update our methods and training and use efficient cleaning systems for each individual application.

Since all of our employees receive the same training, our customers profit from our methods. Employees can be substituted in any area with no loss of quality or efficiency. Our Managers and supervisors are responsible for providing support and leadership to help all our employees meet their objectives and to ensure success on daily basis.

We emphasize the importance of the individual and his contribution to the success of Ultra Building Services. We encourage our employees to pride themselves in their performance. As a service company, we are only as good as our employees.

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