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Company Overview

ULTRA Building Services has been a successfully run business for the past 15 years. Ultra has been successful in developing a profitable niche in providing Cleaning Services & HVAC to small and medium sized companies. On the cost side it has been successful in keeping its cost low and being competitive in the industry. ULTRA currently has 300 employees. 

Many cleaning contractors approach their markets with uni-dimensional strategy based on cost cutting, We come from a different school. Our strategy is to:
Clearly identify the customers’ requirements; 
Carefully identify how best to service the customer;
Let the numbers fall where they may and share the results 
with our prospective and current customers.

Our belief is, when our customer thoroughly understands how the numbers have been calculated, they are most willing to negotiate  a fair price - this is the best basis for a long-term relationship.

As we look towards the future, our experience, long-term commitments and the janitorial service business, we feel comfortable with our vision. It is always very difficult to go from a small company to medium sized. Our intent is to continue our focus on providing janitorial services to new and existing customers and providing value added services to our existing customers. We want to be number one in our industry segment and have implemented several strategic plans to move us in that direction over next 3-5 years.

Our Beliefs and Values:
We are determined to provide the highest quality services
We are dedicated to our customers and their needs
We strive for continuous improvement
We are respectful of our people and helping make the world a cleaner
We are flexible in the fate of change

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